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1-2 October 2024


2-4 October 2024


October 4 until 11:00 p.m.



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Kazakhstan is the natural center of the region geographically, historically, culturally and economically.

Kazakhstan is above the regional figures in terms of urbanization rate and per capita income, population approaching 20 million, young population structure, urban waste generation, existing industrial facilities and industrialization rate.

Our exhibitors provide sustainable solutions, products, and new technologies for the following fields:

In order to increase the level of waste treatment in Kazakhstan, it is planned to make the waste sites, solid waste warehouses and solid waste processing equipment use high technology in sufficient numbers. The construction of new water treatment facilities and the renewal of existing facilities are on the agenda for the geography that concerns nearly half of the population. Many companies that generate waste are also looking for waste treatment solutions.

The fact that most Kazakhstan companies in the environmental technologies sector are open to the financing, experience and expertise of foreign companies provides a suitable environment for technology transfer, mergers and similar collaborations.

In the development projection, with the renewal of existing industrial facilities, capacity increase and opening of new facilities in 2023, the use of environmental technologies will be much more needed.

Wind Power

  • planning and development of projects
  • manufacturers of wind turbines
  • suppliers of equipment and components
  • advanced materials, composites, raw and other materials and their processing
  • installation
  • operation and maintenance
  • energy storage

Solar Power

  • Solar cells and modules
  • Components (cables, plugs, switch boxes, etc.)
  • Mounting systems and equipment
  • Solar tracking systems (trackers)
  • Technology, equipment, raw materials for production of solar panels, modules and films
  • Integrated systems for buildings and structures
  • Software
  • Solar thermal collectors and plants
  • Heat pumps

Hydro Power

  • hydrogen production
  • hydrogen storage / distribution / transportation
  • assessment / testing / analysis
  • hydroge vehicles and fuel cells

Solid household waste as a renewable energy source

  • Sorting of household waste
  • Incineration of solid household waste as a way to obtain energy resources
  • Low temperature pyrolysis
  • High temperature pyrolysis

E-transport and Charging infrastructure

  • Electric buses
  • Electromobiles
  • Electric cars for different purposes
  • Personal mobile electric vehicles (electric scooters, motor scooters, bicycles and self-balancing scooters)
  • Charging infrastructure for electric transport

Bioenergy, biogas and solid biofuel

Geothermal energy

Network infrastructure and solutions for renewable energy integration

Energy and resource saving technologies. Industrial energy efficiency

Measuring and control equipment and systems, automated process control systems

Safety of energy facilities and environment protection

Investments, finances, insurance

Inspection and monitoring of power generation facilities


  • generation equipment;
  • energy storage systems;
  • installation, connection and maintenance services.